January 19, 2010

English Teaching in Japan 71-Final Term

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-preparing students for University
interviews and essays

-Shizuoka Ken Skit Contest
1st Place 6 out of 7 years

-Trip to England
London, Oxford University

-Final School term
3 がき
getting students into University
entrance exams
new jr. high
aging society. struggle to find students

-JET Program
application in December
interview selections
lots of good information on the forums

-New Things
ETiJpodcat forum link
New email address EnglishTeachinJapan@gmail.com
New Twitter Page @ETiJPodcast
ETiJ Podcast Facebook group

-Final Words
Don’t be afraid to share
Be good to yourself and others


光徳 said...

I've found many things in common between your students and me. I'm a Japanese university student who is majoring in English. I chose English as my major because I went to England on my high school trip and it was amazing.
Also I live in Shizuoka.
I want to say good luck to your students. It's really fun to study English at university. I was lucky, so I got a chance to study in Australia for a year. I love the country. I am still struggling with English even after the one year, but I've got guts to speak up English to people.
Can't wait to listen to the next episode.
Take care!

Chaz said...


It is true that you need to have guts to be good at anything. Try to find new and interesting ways to improve your English and have fun doing it. I hope you will continue to listen and enjoy the show.