April 22, 2008

Teaching Thoughts Tuesday-Discovery

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

-Mark Van Doren

I see myself as tour guide and I take my students on many adventures. I tell them a little bit about the places we are going and give them some ideas of things to do and look for. When we arrive at our destination I answer any last minute questions, give them a time and place to meet, and send them off to explore. I follow them for a while, but soon I fall back and let them go their own way. Of course I worry about them, but I'm confident they will be able find their way back if they get lost.

I wait excitedly for their return. When they get back they are usually very tired, but also very surprised and proud of what they were able to accomplish. When we sit around and share stories about the adventure I'm able to see things again through fresh eyes, rediscover things I had forgotten, and I always learn something new. I can't image doing anything more exciting or more rewarding. I'm looking forward to my and my students next discovery.

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