October 04, 2007

English Teaching in Japan 47-Is NOVA Over?

In this episode John and I talk about what's happening at NOVA.


NOVA Group

Good Discussion about teachers at NOVA

Lindsay Hawker

Alan Booth's Road to Sata

Murakami's Underground

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vince said...

hey chaz i hope u remember me, i'm vince. well things are going good here in osaka. except for the fact my teachers dont understand what my lesson ideas... eehhh.. well just want to say hi, maybe i can help out on the site. check out my blog about my life here peace


Chaz said...


It 's good to hear from you. Seems like you are having a great time. Osaka is a nice place to be.

Yes, I would like for you to contribute to the site. I will get in touch with you.