September 19, 2007

Jim the New JET-From NYC to Small Island

The new members of the JET Program arrived in Japan in July and August. Our good friend Jim was one of them. He has been kind enough to share some of his stories about his new life as a teacher. He is from New York City and is living and teaching on a small island between Kagoshima on the southern end of Kyushu and Okinawa's main island. This is going to be an interesting adventure for him.

If you are on the JET and would like to share some of your stories please send me an Email

Jim wrote:
Hello all. Sorry that I have not been in touch more. The last month has been the busiest of my life, and I have been (and continue to be)without an internet connection.

I`ve arrived at my island of Tokunoshima. It`s really pretty here. The ocean is all shades of blue, and the mountains are a blanket of green. The humidity here is outrageous, though. I`ve never experienced anything like it. I`m praying for the arrival of December so that the temperature might drop a precious 5 or 6 degrees.

I`m being given a lot of flexibility for settling in, so it hasn`t been too stressful as of yet. I`ve got my own apartment near the sea. It`s not bad, but it`s directly across the street from a parking lot with a loudspeaker. Every weekday at 6:30am, children and older folks gather for the morning exercises. Exercise music comes blasting from the speakers for 10 minutes, and it is absolutely impossible to sleep through. We`re talking BLASTING! BUH-LAS-TINGuh!!! I hope it doesn`t cause me to commit murders.

I`m getting along well with my poor Japanese skills. For some reason I seem to be having an easier time understanding and being understood here on the island than on the mainland. How surprising. Good for me!

Ok, that`s all I`ve got time for, but I`ll try to write more once I have
internet in my house.

Ok. See ya!


Gregory said...

Post some pics!

Chaz said...

If he sends me some pics I will.