April 18, 2007

English Teaching in Japan-Update

Congratulations to two of our listenters, Vince and Jim, for getting selected for the JET program. I hope they have a great experience. Too bad they don't get to drink champagne in business class like I did, but I'm sure the juice will taste just as sweet in economy. Oh the glory days!

If you or someone you know also got selected for this years JET program please let me know. I would like to keep up with everyone. I want to make this a good resource of information about the program and a place to network.

A couple of people told me they had sent voicemails, but I never got them. I found out the account was closed. Sorry about that! I opened a new account, so please send in your voicemails for the shows. The new number is

I just starting using jaiku. It's a great place to keep up with what others are doing and to discover some new things. Check it out and add me to see what I'm doing and working on throughout the day.

Please visit our main website and join the forum.

A new episode of ETiJ is coming soon so please stay tuned.

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