December 19, 2006

English Teaching in Japan 26

In this episode I talk about my return home, preparing students for University, skit contest, and other things that are happening at school.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Chaz,
My name is Adam and I've been listening to your "English Teaching in Japan" podcast for a while. I got a job with AEON teaching English in Japan and I will be arriving in Japan near the end of this month (January 20th, to be specific). I have already been informed that I will be the only non-Japanese teacher at my branch school, which I am fine with. But I do have a question for you. Is there any kind of social network of Foreign Teachers in Japan or any way of easily finding other Foreign Teachers in your area?

Specifically, I will be in Shimizu. I have been told many times that Shimizu is near Shizuoka city, but I recently re-discovered the fact that YOU are based in Shizuoka city. I hope this makes it easier to answer my question.

I won't bother you with other questions, but I would happily accept any advice (or answer any questions) you have to give to a nervous guy about to jump on a plane to go live and work in Japan.

Thank you! (Or should I say, Onegaishimasu!)
Adam Safdi