February 26, 2006

English Teaching in Japan 18-Adam

On this episode Adam, a new teacher at my school, talks about his first few weeks in the classroom. This is his first in Japan and his first time teaching. He will be joining the show over the next several months to share his experiences and perspectives.

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1 comment:

Joe said...

Hello Chaz, I just found the podcast on iTunes today, and was listening to the latest episode with the interview with Adam. In it you mentioned that you were in the Marine Corps. I'm currently in the Delayed Entry Program for the Marine Corps and am hoping to get stationed over in Japan (either Okinawa or Iwakuni). I guess I have to ask, were you ever stationed in Japan while in the Marine Corps? If so, was this a major influence on your decision to do English teaching in Japan? And if not, was the Marines a good experience for you in general? Thanks!