February 21, 2006

English Teaching in Japan 17-spoof video

This is a video of my 1st year students doing a spoof of me and our class. They only had a short time to come up with the skit. This is a great way to let your students have some fun and it also gives you an idea of how they see you as their teacher. When doing skits give them roles or characters to play sometimes instead of always being themselves. Give your students different ways to be creative and learn to laugh with them.

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MissDaniil said...

Hello Chaz, I just found English Teaching in Japan today and I must say: I love the show. I had to listen to it from the first episode to the last cause whenever I would make myself do something else I would end up going back and listen again =)
I am a Czech highschool student and lately I've been thinking of becoming an English teacher cause I love Enlish and more and more I'm interested in teaching as well. Thanks for all your comments. Sometimes they are quite entertaining but useful nevertheless.

I also have a question.
Do you think there is any opportunity I could get to Japan as an English teacher in the future even though I'm not a native speaker? Cause I think my English could be good enough and I also think being a non-native speaker might be an advantage sometimes. You can better identify with the students and help them with their English when you yourself had to learn the language...What do you think?
Well, anyway, hope you have a nice day and please keep up your great work.

Jenny said...

Chaz, you shouldn't be hard on yourself! So what if you have a face for radio! Have you had to explain that to anyone?

The girl that did you should go into comedy. She was great!!

Chaz said...

Missdaniil thank you for the kind words and your interest in the show.

I'm not sure if you can become an English teacher here in Japan or not. Contact the Japanese consulate or embassy in your country to get some information. Also look for sister city exchanges to participate in. You might be able to come over to work for a company or teach your own language and then find some English teaching opportunities once you are here.

Good luck with your studies and I hope you continue to enjoy the show.

Jenny thanks. I'm beautiful on the inside so that is most important. Yeah the student who played me in the skit is quite a character.