December 16, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 12-classroom video

This is the video version of the show.Find out what a Japanese classroom and school looks like. I talk about some things you can do to make your class different.

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FuzzyJefe said...

Hi Chaz, I teach vocabulary and conversation at a private junior high in Nishinomiya. So its not JET but a good setup nevertheless. I enjoy listening to and watching your podcasts. I like how you encouraged your listeners to do something different to keep students guessing. I agree halfway. Perhaps its an age or proficiency thing, but I find that my students need some degree of consistency from class to class in order to have a context they are familiar with in order to guess what is going on that they don't understand. If everything is different then it is difficult to maintain continuity. But your ideas to keep things active and moving are great for spicing up the classroom environment.

Chaz said...

Hey fuzzyjefe thanks for the comments. I'm glad to here that you have a good teaching situation. When I was talking about changing things up I was talking more about the classroom itself and where students and teachers move around and interact in that space. Changing the enviroment to fit the lesson. You are right about a need for consistency and continuity. We achieve that by always reviewing past lessons, phrases, and vocabulary as we move forward. I will talk more about this in future episodes. Thanks again and please continue to let me know your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Chaz, - Hi, my name is Natalie and I subscribe to your podcasts. I loved the video podcast. I have enjoyed listening to you as it is, and watching you with the surroundings of an actual classroom is an even better occasion. My only suggestion would be to add music or voice over during the short video clips of the classroom towards the end of the segment; After you are done speaking that is. You have a very calming, soothing nature about you, that only stems from the most genuine of advises. Please, keep up the good work!