November 07, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 9

In this episode I talk about texbooks and making a lesson plan.

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1 comment:

Kenneth said...

Hi Chaz,

I've only recently chanced upon your show and I just can't have enough! The materials are really insightful and together with a couple of shows that i'm following, you inspired me to start my own podcast!

Anyway, let's not deviate.

I am somewhat surprised at the classes you have had. I was under the impression that Japanese students were pretty tough to handle - that they were headstrong, rebellious, mischevious etc. I guess movies like Battle Royale and GTO didn't put a good light on being a student in Japan.

But after listening to your show - especially the episode where the Principal of your school did the Bonzai cheer, I could hear the students applauding his efforts in the background.

Your show has totally changed my impression of Japanese students!

I've got japanese friends in Singapore and we do exchange notes on what it's like to live and grow up in Japan. And I was pretty stunned too, that alot of what I've experienced in Singapore is similar to how the Japanese have journeyed in life.

Thank you so much for your program, and continue to give great shows!

Ooh yes... initially, the signal for the change of classes sounded really interesting... but now, they sound a little morbid. I dunno.. maybe it's just me :)
(i hope so)