November 30, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 11

Sorry I haven't done a show in awhile. Thanks for all the e-mails and comments. More shows and some video coming soon.

In this episode I talk about all things that are happening here at school and about the skit contest.

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Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Guzen Radio on-and-off since you were back on
Just wanted to say that your English Teaching podcast was a great idea. I put them every episode on my MP3 player and listened to them over the weekend.
My favorite moments are when you talked about specific moments in dealing with your students and how, as Japanese students, they respond.
It gives me a good reference point to compare to how American students react, or act is similar situations.
I'm going to be coming to Japan after I graduate college. I'm a Secondary/English major, and pretty much a "word nerd".
I wanted to ask if you took any linguistics courses while you were in college? I've been concentrating on linguistics whenever I can. I've had the oppurtinity to work on an English project where I propose a new type of English curriculum. I think a similar type could be easily geared towards teaching English as a second language. The only problem is it would require reconstructing the classroom curriculum and therefore you'd need a lot of freedom.
Do you try to include any elements of linguistics in your classes?
I'd love to hear a little more detail of how you landed such a great position where you had some direct control in developing your lessons.

Anonymous said...

I tried to edit my last post. It's a bit embarrassing being an English student and having all those mistakes in my letter.
Sorry about that.