November 16, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 10

In this episode I talk more about lesson plans and keeping a class journal.

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Jess said...

Hey Chaz,

Just checked out your latest episode. I totally agree with the keeping of a diary/journal with what you have done in your classes. This is especially useful as I share my schools with another teacher. We spend two months at one junior high school and one primary school each, then we change for two months and so on. I started keeping a note book with the lessons i had done with my classes while I was there so that the other teacher would know what i'd done and wouldnt double up on the lessons. I asked her to do the same at her schools too. This has worked out really well for both of us and it means the students get a bigger variety of themes. It also helps when I do my end summary lesson too.

mikemorr said...

Hi Chaz, I like the music that opens and closes this one. What is it?