October 26, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 8

In this episode I talk about a japanese school, my schedule, and I read emails from my wonderful listeners.

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Jess said...

Just wanted to tell you about our shogakko bunkasai that was held this morning.

For the past month I have been taking only the 5nensei classes so we have gotten to know each other pretty well. We did things like Days of the week, Months of the year, I can play...., Do you have a.... and numbers from 1 - 100. Anyway, some of these kids decided that they wanted to use the stuff we'd learnt together and make some presentations at the bukasai. They ended up doing the following:

GROUP ONE - eikaiwa using Can you play..? and Do you have...? They then did days of the week and when their birthdays were. Finally they sang a counting song.

GROUP TWO - made a newspaper called ALT shinbun. It was all about me and the lessons we did together. It was kinda embarrassing but very sweet.

GROUP THREE - short play called Using English Everyday. The main character was a 5nensei and they followed her from home to school, to english class and back home again.

GROUP FOUR - they did "3 little pigs" as a short play.

All of this was done in English. I could see a BIG improvement from the first day we started practising their presentations, to today. I also noticed that they were more into using English than before. It all went off with a hitch, no mistakes at all. I was very proud of them.

Chaz said...

Hey Jess! Thanks for writing in and sharing your story. It sounds like you have been busy. I'm glad that you and your students had a good time and a great experience. It is awesome when students get a chance and want to use what they have learned in class.

I know what you mean when you say you are proud of them. It's a great feeling.

Thanks again for sharing and keep us updated with things that you are doing and experiencing.