October 19, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 6

We start off with an earthquake. Then I give some suggestions on things you can do to prepare yourself to teach in Japan.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chaz,
You have to forgive me because I do so many mistakes when I write in English..I have downloaded all your episodes to my iPod and I feel so good after listening you talk about English teaching in Japan. I have already recommend it to my wife, by the way, she is a Japanese Teacher. The most important thing is not the english, but it is how you explain certain things...it seems I know you a long time ago...Anyway, Congratulations for this good initiative ! I am sure this will help me a lot.
(a brazilian guy writing from Vancouver)

Chaz said...

Marcos thanks for writing your comments and listening to the show. I read your e-mail in Episode 7 and talked about not being afraid to make mistakes. I hope other listeners who are learning English will write in also.

Take care and I hope you continue to enjoy learning English and listening to the show. Please write in anytime.