October 12, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 3

In this episode I talk about making mistakes in the classroom and I read some comments from listeners.

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tsuzuki said...

Hello, Mr. Chaz. Tsuzuki again.

I have much more fan listening to your show today. Especially the topic about Japanese student's attitude contrast is interesting. I can imagine that scene which you try to explain. Anyway, I envy modern students. Because I had no english class with native speaker in my school days at all. No native speaker, no afterclass chatting in English. Every English teacher was Japanese. Horrible.

I think this webpage is full of the communications. It's very nice idea that you leave some comments to listner's voice. And I'm so glad listening your voice to my comments. Reason why I sent you my thought via this comment is that I want the visitors to know there is the way to communicate like this. Interaction by using e-mail is closed and leaves no hints to visitors. Am I making sence?

Oops, I must tell you. I'm a guy lives in Tokyo. My name is not "T, suzuki" or something like that. Tsuzuki is my lastname.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chaz.
I just wanted to say how much I love this new show.
I have been a listener since LIVE365 and this new program is a great idea.
I am planning on teaching in Japan next year.
I wanted to know what you felt are the differences between US Highschool students and JAPAN Highschool students?
Maybe students attitude?
Keep up the good work
Thank you
Kenneth (San Francisco Ca.)


Chaz said...

Tsuzuki sorry for making a mistake with your name. I realized it after i put the show up. I am glad you are having fun listening to the show and yes you do make sense. Thanks!

Kenneth thanks for listening all these years. What are your teaching plans for next year? I hope this show will be useful for you and I will cover your topic idea in upcoming episodes. I hope to see you around here and guzen radio.