October 10, 2005

English Teaching in Japan 2

In episode 2 I talk about how I feel about being a teacher.

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tsuzuki said...

Hello Mr. Chaz. I'm just a humble Japnanese who wanna gain the abilities to speak English fluently. Wao, your webpage is very impressive. The reason why I think it's excellent is that you describe the background of yourself much. It's great practice for me to listen to you. I cheer you up and hope you'll be keeping to bring your voice to us.

hmm... What's this time zone? It's 10:39 a.m. Tokyo.

Chaz said...

tsuzuki thanks for your kind words. good luck with your english studies. i'm glad that you can use this podcast for listening practice.

Brad said...


I am soon to be high school graduate living in a suburban prison here in Dallas, Texas. I hope to escape some day soon to the land of the rising sun; much like yourself. I do hope you continue to post as i have only recently discovered "englishteachinginjapan" and "Guzen Radio" which i find to be highly insightful and entertaining.

I look forward to viewing the rest of your blogs.